Core Technology

Yangtian Storage Container---Integrated Technical Capability


Simplification---- One-stop design and manufacturing integration, embedded in coupled load-bearing structure layout, modular structure, easy installation

Reliability---- System digitization, intelligent management, adaptability of operation and maintenance network environment, IP56 protection level, 9 degree earthquake resistance

Technical advantages:

1. One-stop manufacturing service for full process manufacturing

2. Container integration - power cabinet + UPS + service cabinet + container cabinet decoration + inverter + LCU

3. System integration - integration from the EMS plant to the final assembly test system

4.EMS Denso - from the processing of sheet metal structural parts to the assembly of power products, the development from a single structural parts factory to an EMS factory

5. Air conditioning AC- six series of more than 20 varieties of temperature control technology, Yangtian has applied for its own invention patent

6. Structural parts - rapid response, NPI, independent low-cost management, supply chain management, and manufacturing force from the design, process, and production delivery process services for more than ten years.

Container machine manufacturing technology:

1. Production and processing of the entire system of subsystems in the system

2. Structural parts---communication chassis/cabinet

3.Precision industrial air conditioner--six series of temperature control more than 20 kinds of products

4. Hybrid power supply, data room, intelligent office system, photovoltaic inverter

5.Container integration technology--energy storage container, temperature control products

Yangtian Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine---Four Comprehensive Technical Capabilities  

1. High-definition highlighting, visible under strong light

All-weather, high resolution, high contrast, high brightness, clearer image, more vivid colors, more saturated colors, greatly enhance the layering of the picture, better performance details. Even in the hot summer sun, it does not affect your visual effect.

2. Intelligent constant temperature system

According to the regional temperature difference and the orientation of the equipment, the temperature control scheme is determined, and the air-conditioning type heat dissipation or the forced air-cooling type heat dissipation. Regardless of the heat dissipation scheme, the product can meet the temperature requirements: -30 ° C ~ 55 ° C, humidity: 10% ~ 90% of the operating requirements;

3. Intelligent brightness control

With the change of the surrounding environment, the brightness is automatically adjusted, energy saving and environmental protection, and avoiding light pollution;

4. Intelligent playback system

The system can play rich resources, including video, audio, pictures, text, FLASH; can be divided into screen, screen, picture-in-picture operation; grouping, time-sharing, synchronization, clustering; program scheduling, review, release Permission management to ensure the standardization of equipment information management; network control switch machine, remote release, monitoring.

Seven protections

Waterproof: We have long been committed to outdoor product design and development, diversified products, waterproof level can reach IPX5, can run normally in heavy rain;

Dust-proof: Dust is an important factor to reduce product efficiency and accelerate product aging. By designing dust-proof structure and dust-proof filter products, the dustproof level can reach IP65;

Anti-theft: Through our professional design, there will be no screw exposed to the appearance surface, combined with the anti-theft function lock and strong structural support, the anti-theft problem will be solved immediately;

Lightning protection: In order to achieve all-weather outdoor playing performance, through reliable lightning protection electronic control design, it provides safety for equipment in thunderstorm days;

Anti-riot: It adopts special tempered laminated glass. Even if the glass is damaged, it can only produce fine cracks like spider webs. The fragments are firmly adhered to the middle layer, which can avoid personal injury or property loss caused by glass falling. Whether it is mounted vertically or tilted, it resists the penetration of accidental impacts and the entire glass remains intact, continuing to withstand impact and cover wind and rain until replacement.

Anti-reflection: Specially coated glass can improve the viewing angle and brightness of the picture, reduce the reflection of the screen, make the image display clearer, the color is more beautiful, and the color is more saturated.

Anti-electromagnetic interference: The internal electrical components are shielded, which effectively prevents internal devices and cables from interfering with signals, and prevents external electromagnetic interference to LCD products.