Strong R&D and Manufacturing

       A research and development center, two manufacturing and production bases, composed of more than 200 experienced engineers, including modeling, structural design, electronic control, electrical engineering, process technology, refrigeration, thermal management, QE, PIE testing, molds, and software. Development and so on.



Manufacturing capacity

      Specializing in outdoor LCD advertising machines, containerized energy storage, intelligent monitoring systems and other products. Yangtian has imported high-end large-scale manufacturing equipment such as CNC punching machine, fiber laser cutting machine, electronic welding robot, CNC bending machine, imported environmental protection electrostatic spraying surface treatment line.

      With the structure + intelligent temperature control + total assembly total measurement of the "three in one" production platform: outdoor protection, heat dissipation, communication, energy storage, four areas of homogenous technology accumulation and strong personalized custom R & D, manufacturing capabilities, to provide customers A wide range of outdoor total solutions.

201909301806575875 (1).jpg

                 Aging room                          Production workshop                  CNC bending machine                      CNC punch

Quality management system

   Quality system management, IPD, NPI, process quality control, quality assessment, fully automated processing production line + high standard quality inspection system, strictly in accordance with ISO certification system standards for production, and the implementation of 7S site management throughout the plant. Has passed ISO9001ROHS environmental certification.


                                         SO14001:2015                             ISO9001:2015                          GB/T28001-2011

Inspection test

     After more than 100 inspection procedures, the product has dozens of test equipments such as solar radiation laboratory, high and low temperature laboratory, air conditioning operation detection, heat pipe radiator thermal resistance inspection machine, etc., each material is detected to ensure product reliability. And security.


       Solar radiation laboratory               High and low temperature laboratory        Alternating salt spray test machine                   Buckle force tester


     Hardness measuring instrument      2.5-dimensional measuring instrument     3 dimensional measuring instrument            Precision sheet metal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         measuring instrument 


PEBS system management

Intelligent calculation of detailed process-level production scheduling, full process man, machine, material, method, ring dynamic, automatic, real-time variable management.blob.png