Successful Case

Chengdu Intelligent Bus Electronic Station

Chengdu Bus Station Application Case

Case Classification: Bus Project

Installation location: Chengdu

Product use: bus information display

Size: 43 inch screen

Product Name: Outdoor advertising machine


     Does it look like a normal bus stop sign? No, the bus electronic stop sign is much more powerful!

       The bus electronic stop sign and the traditional bus stop sign have the same appearance. The electronic stop sign not only broadcasts the bus arrival message, the guide information, the line change information, but also provides weather forecast information, notice announcement and video broadcast program. In addition, the electronic station card is equipped with a surveillance camera, which can monitor the passenger flow, traffic flow and public security around the bus shelter in real time.


       The electronic touch screen of the hub station includes eight functional modules: map formation, real-time bus, subway inquiry, airport express, flight inquiry, train travel, long-distance passenger transport, and port inquiry. It provides public transportation for travellers, especially those who come to Chengdu. Real-time traffic information such as rail, passenger, water, air and weather, and road conditions around the station, to facilitate the public to timely understand the relevant information of travel, improve the efficiency of public transportation.


       It looks very "upscale", I wonder if the function is strong?


       Not only do they look like high-end atmospheres!

       Practicality and functionality are also very powerful! Not only can you check the bus information, but also the weather forecast, understand the real-time road conditions, and even provide video broadcast programs! Think about waiting for the bus and station waiting in the future to watch the video to solve the boring! Is there a feeling of "God"!