Dongguan Yangtian Company Party Branch was unveiled


     On October 9, Dongguan Yangtian Company held the opening ceremony of the establishment of the party branch. Lu Peng, deputy secretary of the party committee of the company, deputy general manager, Yuan Zhiyun, chairman of Yangtian Company, and Ye Runxing, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tangxia Town, Dongguan City participated in the ceremony. Unveiled.


After the unveiling ceremony, the Dongguan Yangtian Party Branch organized a party member conference and elected the party branch secretary.


Yuan Zhiyun pointed out at the meeting:

The establishment of the Party branch is a milestone for the development of Dongguan Yangtian. It is hoped that all party members will show their identities, play the leading role of party members, form a beacon effect, and promote the better development of enterprises.

Lu Peng pointed out:

Yangtian Company should take the opportunity of the establishment of the party branch as an opportunity to mobilize all party members to play a model role and lead all cadres and workers to promote better and faster development of enterprises. It is hoped that the Party branch will, in accordance with the relevant construction requirements of the Party Central Committee and the Party organizations at the higher levels to strengthen the state-owned mixed-ownership enterprise party, combine the enterprise reality to do the party's basic work, and temper the party members' party spirit through the "three sessions and one lesson" and the theme party day and other activities. Enhance the literacy and make new and greater contributions.