China Aerospace - Yangtian Electronics meets you 3E·2019 Beijing Smart Transportation Exhibition


3E·2019 Beijing Smart Transportation Exhibition will be grandly opened in Beijing·National Convention Center on August 2-4, 2019. China Aviation Hair-Yangtian Electronics will bring the company's latest products to the outdoor intelligent bus electronic stop sign, 5G Wisdom Bus Station. Pavilion and other products grandly attended the exhibition. Booth No.: T2025, I look forward to your visit and guidance.

With China's investment in the intelligent transportation industry, it is expected that the annual growth rate of China's urban intelligent transportation will be between 16% and 22% in the next six years. The potential market demand is expected to be released, and the future prospects are expected.

China's intelligent transportation system has gone from exploration to actual development and application, including traffic management, road safety, public transportation, smart roads, intelligent parking, smart transportation, satellite applications, intelligent network and other fields. In civil aviation, railways, highways, etc., intelligent construction has formed a sound system.

2019 Beijing International Intelligent Transportation and Transportation Facilities Exhibition: “Collaboration, Sharing, Integration, and Development – Building an Intelligent Transportation Ecology in a Full Information Environment” is a theme that provides new opportunities and continuous innovation and development for the world's intelligent transportation industry. The new driving force for development shoulders the mission of leading the development of China's intelligent transportation industry and promoting the upgrading of intelligent transportation industry technology, aiming to create a three-dimensional world-class platform for the exchange and promotion of new technologies, new products and new ideas in the intelligent transportation industry.

China Aviation - Yangtian Electronics Booth No.: T2025