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Entertainment Solution

Theme park outdoor interactive touch query solution


First, the extension of the existing channels of communication

Continuous rolling changes throughout the day, the park entrances and exits to obtain information. Change "invalid time" for "effective time", extended the release of the release of space and time.

Two, compared with traditional billboards, LAN

The traditional publicity column, LAN: static propagation, has produced good publicity published content, can not be updated in real time. Especially in the major emergencies occur, not the first time to transfer to tourists, useless, incapable of action.

Outdoor advertising machine: "static" as "dynamic" of real-time transmission, relying on the "release" uninterrupted update, information release more timely, more colorful content. Especially in the event of major emergencies, the first time can be effectively passed to the tourists, convenient and efficient, quick and practical.

Traditional billboards, newspaper column: "passive" propaganda, namely initiative in the hands of the public, citizens must go to watch the billboards, newspaper column in front, in order to obtain information.

Outdoor advertising machine: change "passive" to "active", through the 24 hours a day without interruption of the LCD video images, LED text content, realize the active service of information. Every day from the theme park the entrance, internal spots after, 5 meters will be able to see, and changing information will attract people butt down the content of interest, effectively attract eyeball.
The traditional billboards, LAN: "silent" propaganda,

Outdoor advertising machine: "silent" as "sound", the full range of communication. Equipped with sound transmission system, in the end, when necessary to open the sound device, a sound transmission, to achieve text, pictures, video, audio and all directions.

Three, compared with the existing LED or LCD terminal in a number of theme parks

Existing platforms: ownership and use rights in the hands of businesses, which seize the position is used to play the commercial advertising content without review. These contents are scattered, chaotic, poor and other issues, there are serious political risks.

Outdoor advertising machine: the theme park "speaking civilization, and fostering new practices" of public service advertising platform, the park publicity this position firmly in the hands of the party and the government, "he" is "I". And can be unified and efficient release.

Existing platforms: because it is playing a more commercial advertising content, the basic public life is useless, and the public know its commercial properties, its attention is very low, basically do not see, but in fact invalid.

Outdoor advertising machine: "null and void" as "effective". Major releases is living with the public is closely related to the convenience Limin service information and public information, public understanding of its properties, the to generate goodwill and dependence, the formation of effective attention.

To sum up

Theme park outdoor interactive touch query solutions can be effective occupation of the three positions: extended "theme park released" propaganda, to create a civilized city to create community launched the new position, building the traditional media to the new position of the digital media.
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