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Transportation Solution


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Transportation Solution

Intelligent traffic digital signage solutions


AVIC, Yang Tian electronic was founded in 2001, investment 2 hundred million, purchase self built industrial park more than 10 square meters. 2013 sales of 840000000 yuan, more than 2300 employees, a R & D center, two production base. CATIC yeatan production out of China's first outdoor LCD advertising machine, has provided solutions to China more than 50 of the wisdom of urban construction, more than 3500 clients worldwide chose AVIC yeatan. Among them, the transportation industry is one of the most important application places.

Scene one: Airport
● flight dynamic display ● airport radio show ● advertising release ● airport information query ● mobile information terminal push ● touch interaction

Scene two: Metro
● vehicle dynamic information display ● station broadcasting station ● and car advertising ● mobile terminal information push●  touch interaction

Scene three: High-speed rail
● train dynamic display ● radio station display ● advertising release ● ticket information query ● mobile terminal information push

Scene four: bus system
● trips position dynamic display ● advertising] touch interaction ● flow statistics ● mobile terminal information push ● mobile terminal train information query

Transportation industry system:
1, the mobile terminal system is divided into two parts, a part of the direct access scheduling system, to the total control center to transmit real-time position information. Part of the same with the software system to access with the display system to transfer to the mobile terminal to achieve value-added services, users pay attention to time, such as vehicle query APP
2, the display part is an important part of the overall solution, this part is a direct contact with the end user entities.
3, scheduling part of the traffic system internal vehicles, frequency, location, and other operating data of the dispatch and collection management system, monitoring the traffic tools and other data and to provide effective data to the software system
4, the software part is to achieve the use of functions, and enhance the end user experience, the use of the end user experience and operational analysis of key components.
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