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Technical knowledge

Three tips to teach you how to buy outdoor advertising machine


The new generation of outdoor liquid crystal display system of outdoor LCD advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent display equipment, through the terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display constitutes a complete advertising broadcast control system, and through pictures, text, video, and other media material for advertising.

When we choose the outdoor LCD advertising machine, we must pay attention to the important three aspects:

The performance and the effect of the outdoor LCD advertising machine
As the "fifth media" of the smart player, the processor must have a strong enough performance to support audio and video decoding board, but also take into account the future need to extend the performance of processing.

Two, technology and development tools support
Good software facilities are closely related to the entire product itself. Any product can not be separated from the technical support and development tools to support the development of outdoor advertising machine products have an important impact, not only can effectively reduce the difficulty of the product, improve product development success rate, accelerate the process of product production update.

Three, cost and power consumption considerations
Processor costs in the entire outdoor advertising machine in the first place, the cost control of the embedded products are required to have a very important significance. Good outdoor LCD advertising machine not only has a good performance, but also the overall system power consumption is less. Therefore, the selection of a low power allocation is an important factor in outdoor LCD.
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