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Technical knowledge

Machine inspection process of vertical advertising machine


Buy outdoor advertising machine outdoor media businesses, outdoor LCD advertising machine must be understood. A good quality of vertical outdoor advertising machine products, production process must meet international standards, whether it is the overall architecture, or the details of the surface, to the ISO9001 international standard to assign. The machine assembly process is as follows:

One, chassis assembly process

1, outdoor advertising machine is certainly the first to see the case, because it is placed in the outdoors, so IP65 is a general international standard. The welding seam inside the glass glue general inspection shell is uniform, placed in the outdoor welding seam is dew.

2, check the mounting bracket, the nut is tightened to the box body, compared with the installation hole can be fixed.

3, control the outdoor advertising machine chassis, fixed nut, carefully check the screw hole position and coated glass glue gap, if there is water, please the first time to remove the hole to the waterproof glue.

4, watch the whole surface of the machine clean, check the interior of the glass has no dust. Touch the glass inside, see if there is no extrusion formation. With gravity, see if there is no bubble, bubble, if there is, the touch is certainly not qualified.

5, open outdoor advertising machine frame, try one hand closing doors. If the door board touch layering, force is also does not close the door on the that outdoor advertising machine frame design does not meet the standard anti-theft. One is the door plank structure is not, another lock component has a problem.

6, the chassis body to see the machine running noise, see the body of heat insulation cotton insulation, if the air conditioning noise is very big, heat insulation cotton is no reflection, the first to take into account the air conditioning cooling structure.

Two, outdoor LCD LCD screen inspection standards

1, according to the ordinary cleaning, use clean cloth coated glass around, look around the glass without water. If it is found that the glass, screw hole water, please use glass glue to fill.

2, inside caliper and LCD glass measuring tape distance, if more than 1mm, please note that the air cooling structure design.

3, to see the internal LCD screen board, the line is clear, whether the LCD screen surface is guaranteed without dust and stain.

4, carefully watch the LCD screen strip and a support frame, according to the Ministry on the direction of backlight, LCD screen to see whether reasonable placement.

5, check the fan, heat insulation cotton, and protective net, see if the manufacturer is the manufacturer.

6, check the driver board, decoding board, terminal, power and other driving components, in accordance with the "electronic configuration table" standard analysis.

Three, customized outdoor advertising machine software positioning

Outdoor Vertical advertising machine, if it is a customized design of products, but also need to carry out outdoor vertical advertising machine software debugging. As electronic newspaper reading software, highway tolls, or remote network, these are customized version of the vertical outdoor advertising machine. With the common board reserved VGI and HIMD interface of the outdoor advertising machine is not the same, so the WIFI and 3G antenna requirements will be high. General outdoor vertical advertising machine, as long as the 12 points. Production of outdoor advertising machine has been very good. At present, the market of outdoor advertising machine to do the most stable and fairly fast Shenzhen, other manufacturers do not know. Because of the fast leopard, today's goal is to make the market the most stable Outdoor Vertical advertising machine.
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