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Technical knowledge

Three major highlights of network advertising machine


The latest features of the network advertising machine, convenient, efficient, clear.

1, the maintenance of advertising content is very convenient: traditional advertising machine needs to use the computer to copy content, by the specialized personnel to advertising machine outlets replacing CF card, resulting in the waste of human resources, and the efficiency is very low; Xing Kai hope Internet advertising machine, accessed through the Internet Protocol (IP), in the office of the office through the control of the host directly to update the content transmitted to the advertising machine on and delete, sorting, set play rule, controlling instream, aerial control, etc. within few minutes all can be completed, and save a lot of manpower cost.

2, A can end of row advertising management becomes more flexible, more high-efficient: traditional LCD advertising machine need prior arrangement good show playlists, how in the network broadcast, the general layout, takes a long time to implement, and replacing it with a round is very convenient, need a lot of manpower; Xing Chi Wang version of the network advertising machine is easy to solve the problem, all the network programs, replacement, insertion, broadcast arrangements in server management software control, order, it can be said, in the night between the advertisement into the cities designated outlets play, speed is very fast, the human cost is almost zero.

3, customer vote, change the program, more simple, can provide more personalized advertising control: for example, a customer can take turns in a week to play different advertising content, set up more convenient, so that more customers can put into a good return on advertising, there is more attractive to customers!
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