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Technical knowledge

You need to correct the maintenance of LCD advertising machine


The use of the advertising machine can be targeted to convey information to the audience, efficient, practical and convenient. In the face of today's media advertising competition, advertising machine to expand a new field, adding a pattern of advertising, the media has a landmark role in innovation.

Advertising machine equipment is mainly composed of internal complex electronic circuit and computer control board, the appearance of the screen broadcast a large number of dynamic information, some types can also support the touch (touch one machine. There are two forms of advertising display, close to the wall (wall), with shelves or cabinet (ground). One type of advertising machine is generally close to the wall suspension, not to take up too much space, and even increase the space. Advertising machine after all or electronic equipment, has a certain number of years, but also need to maintain. Maintenance can increase the service life of advertising, can guarantee the normal use of the advertising machine, the world crystal technology professional and technical R & D personnel to give specific ways of maintenance can be divided into the following points:

First, environmental maintenance: the use of advertising machine environment is directly affect the use of advertising and service life, if the light is too bright, and even a direct light, on the one hand affect the visual transmission of advertising machine, on the other hand, will damage the screen electronic components. In addition, the advertising machine is located in the environment of air humidity should be appropriate, electronic equipment is too wet will affect the circuit, causing problems.

Second, the body maintains: the advertising machine body itself has a certain period of time, the body of the switch will have some damage to the advertising machine, frequent switch will cause the screen electronic components damage, will naturally affect the use of advertising, affect its life.

Third, technical maintenance. Electronic devices often appear static phenomenon, advertising is no exception. Static electricity will let the dust in the air attached to the advertising machine, so be sure to do the appropriate clean-up. Can not use wet cloth clean, wet matters not only clean ineffective and likely caused by damp circuit, so advertising machine maintenance to emphasis on Technology
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