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Technical knowledge

Electronic whiteboard, advertising machine in the application of multimedia teaching


What is an electronic whiteboard? The electronic whiteboard white touch screen advertising machine is a function of a more focused, is a large size (usually 55#) LCD touch screen advertising machine, he brings together the high-tech products of cutting-edge electronic technology, software technology, touch and other high-tech means to develop, it is through the application of the principle of electromagnetic induction, the combination of computer and projector, can realize the paperless office and teaching, can achieve text, image processing, digital painting is any ordinary blackboard can handle on the LCD screen, and no distortion, and a mode of writing on the blackboard, because usually is displayed through the black text on a white LCD screen, high brightness so on, the term is from the electronic whiteboard.

Classification and application of electronic whiteboard:

Usually, the electronic whiteboard can be used in the enterprise training, school lectures. The electronic whiteboard is developed from the ordinary white board, the world's first electronic whiteboard is a copy of electronic whiteboard, along with the development of technology and the need of the market, there is a touch interactive electronic whiteboard products. Currently on the market, the two types of electronic whiteboard, the following are the two types of electronic whiteboard, then what is a copy of the electronic whiteboard? Copying electronic whiteboard that is through the user's simple operation can be written on the whiteboard content through a certain way to scan and print out, the process is more like a copy of the work process, the function of the process and the ordinary copy process, first by the image sensors on the content of the white board collection, acquisition signal after a certain image processing, and finally with thermal, inkjet or other print mode. Interactive electronic whiteboard can communicate with the computer, the electronic whiteboard is connected to the PC, and the use of the projector to the contents of the PC projection onto the electronic whiteboard screen, with the support of special applications, can construct a large screen, interactive collaborative meetings or teaching environment. Interactive electronic whiteboard interactive teaching mode, in some of the museum's knowledge and training interactive products are also basic to this kind of electronic whiteboard.

The electronic whiteboard application currently on the market about how much money?

With the advertising company to the user needs of mining, various functions and specifications of the electronic whiteboard is developed, in front, we mention the impact of advertising price factors, electronic board is a breakdown of the advertising machine, the impact of these factors also apply, at present, the market is put into operation of such electronic whiteboard, a copy of the price may be relatively low, applied to ordinary school lectures are not realistic, mainly for business training, corporate meetings and other occasions. But it can be predicted that with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people's health, the application of electronic whiteboard in multimedia teaching will become more and more extensive!
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