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Technical knowledge

Introduction of the function of the touch inquiry and the routine maintenance


Product description
Query one machine (Touch) is one of the most convenient, simple, natural and practical man-machine interactive equipment. It integrates computer technology, multimedia technology, sound technology, network technology, industrial modeling art, mechanical manufacturing technology, streamlined integration design, beautiful shape.

The composition of a touch inquiry machine
Generally including the touch screen, monitor, computer, audio equipment, power equipment and touch the cabinet, but also the power input device and a variety of network interfaces, etc.. Of course some special purpose integrated machine consists of the equipment and more. Such as bank for automatic teller touch one machine also includes a keyboard, magnetic card reader, passbook fill climbing device, micro printer, fingerprint attendance, etc.. Good machine needs a good touch software to be more perfect.

Basic parameters
Monitor: LCD professional display
Touch screen: sound wave type / infrared screen, resistive screen, etc..
Color: can be customized according to user requirements
Cabinet: the use of steel metal paint; built-in control panel, cooling system, sound system, reserved network interface.
Size can be customized according to user requirements; built-in amplifier system, stereo speakers, antimagnetic.
Software (optional): application (query) software according to user requirements
Colin has Tianchuang software design department can query software professional tailor-made for you all
Power supply system: input AC220V+-100, 50Hz+-50%%

Main application environment
In the business lobby, postal service hall, tax collection hall, city streets (city information inquiry), office buildings, airports, stations, banks, museums, libraries, exhibitions, hospitals, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, and many other occasions we can see one machine.
In short, no matter where you go to work, you encounter a touch of inquiry, you simply touch the screen with your fingers, you need the information can be presented in front of you. If all need to inquire or consulting are equipped with touch one machine word query, then our work and life can is convenient to many.

Common surface acoustic wave screen
Products with high transparency, high strength, high transmittance and other characteristics.
Scratch resistant glass surface, such as scratches can be normal work.
High density touch point distribution: more than 10000 touch points per square inch.
Touch without drift, automatic correction, can be precision operation.
Durable, single point touch can exceed 5.
Controller interface: serial RS-232, USB

Resistance screen
Type of glass: chemically strengthened glass, ordinary glass.
Product features reliable, economical and practical, widely used.
Able to identify any contact media such as the fingers (with gloves or not), pen, credit card, etc..
Lead wire using FPC (flexible circuit board material) than other manufacturers use PET material resistance value is small, flexible.
Line insulation, good visual effect, we can achieve the minimum insulation point is diameter 0.035mm, far ahead of other manufacturers. Touch screen surface is bright
Face, fog face, anti glare, anti Newton ring, extinction and other material and process selection
Circuit level: 35mA, 5VDC
Surface hardness: 3H
Transmittance: >83% material: >78%
Striking life: it is 1000000 times.
Life: 100000 strokes strokes
Contact jitter time: < 5ms
Operating temperature: oC ~+60 oC -10
Resolution: 4096*4096
Storage temperature: oC ~+70 oC -20
Linear <1.5% (special requirement can be <1.0%)

Infrared screen
A high degree of stability will not be due to changes in time, the environment has a drift
The height of the adaptability is not affected by the current, voltage and electrostatic interference.
Harsh environmental conditions
High transmittance without intermediate medium, high transmittance, the highest up to 100%
Long service life, not afraid of scratch;
Touch density can reach, 4096*4096, touch life is very long
Use a good touch without strength, no special requirements for the touch,
Regardless of whether the touch is a hard thing, the touch is not conductive, it does not affect the normal use
Principle of infrared touch screen:
The general is in front of the display screen of the installation of a frame, a circuit board frame,
In X, Y direction of the infrared transmitting tube and infrared receiving tube uniform arrangement,
One one the corresponding infrared matrix formed crisscross.
When a touch, fingers or other objects will be blocked after the point anyway infrared,
From the controller to determine the position of the touch point in the screen

Capacitive screen
Capacity (Touch Panel CTP) is the use of the human body's current sensing. Capacitive screen is a four layer composite glass screen, the inner surface of the glass screen and the sandwich layer ITO (nano indium tin oxide), the outermost layer is only 0.0015mm thick silicon layer, laminated ITO coating for working face, four angle draw four electrodes, the inner layer of ITO to ensure the working environment.
When the user touches the screen capacitor and the electric field due to the human body, the user fingers and face to form a coupling capacitor. Because of the working face is connected with a high-frequency signal, so the fingers to absorb a very small current, the current from the four corners of the screen electrode outflow and circulated in the theory of the four electrode current and fingers to the four corners of the distance proportional to, the controller through precise calculation of four current ratio, position is obtained. Can achieve 99% accuracy, with a response rate of less than 3ms.
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