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Technical knowledge

Do you want to know the difference between LCD TV and LCD TV?


We all know that the appearance of the LCD display is very close, many users will think that this is the case for the case of a liquid crystal display, and even the idea of cheating consumers. What is the difference between the liquid crystal display and the liquid crystal display? Is it really worth it? We can compare the 6 aspects:

One, stability

LCD advertising machine, dust performance is better. The liquid crystal display, or TV, used only in a small space, such as family, drawing room, relatively speaking environment relatively clean, temperature and humidity control is also more reasonable. And LCD advertising machine, many people in the public places of the noisy, more dust, temperature and humidity are not very stable. Therefore, the LCD advertising machine dust performance should be better.

LCD advertising machine, suitable for long-term use. And personal, family habits have a big difference, the LCD advertising machine is often 24 hours uninterrupted operation, thermal performance is better than the Yu Yejing display and home TV, an additional increase in heat sink, cooling fan, etc..

Two, brightness, higher than ordinary products

Due to the LCD advertising machine is generally open space, good lighting, home TV and the brightness of the civilian display is difficult to meet the needs, so the LCD advertising machine is also a big feature of digital signage, the cost is difficult to estimate.

Three, showing the area whether it is a display or a television, display area and display a certain proportion of the industry standard

For example, the liquid crystal display size is 32 inches, 37 inches, 40 inches, 42 inches, 46 inches and so on; and the display ratio is controlled in 4:3, 16:9 And 16:10, the special proportion will not appear. In this regard, LCD display is also different. In order to meet the needs of the special field of propaganda, LCD advertising machine has a non - standard display of the proportion of products, long - shaped, or square, etc.. LCD advertising machine for the special needs of the more expensive than the general assembly line.

Four, special application

LCD advertising machine to achieve the purpose of demonstration, demonstration effect, there will be a lot of additional hardware support, including advertising and other special equipment. Splicing technology, increase the cost of. Many LCD advertising machine to achieve large display area, higher resolution, will adopt the technology, such as mosaic, the application will achieve the splicing of the corresponding hardware and software support, will increase the cost of a lot. Moreover, the display equipment, such as liquid crystal displays, to reduce the edge of the gap, the edge is very narrow, generally less than 1 cm, and the border is only 4 mm, the lowest price is high.

Five, the layout of the interface, the general only 3 kinds of interface, VGA, DVI and HDMI, DP interface is relatively rare; but for customized products, LCD advertising machine is often only a special video interface, plus a programmable control S232 serial port. This is similar to the industrial LCD monitor.

Six, the power consumption of household or personal use of the product, will pay more attention to power consumption, promote environmental protection and energy conservation. LCD similar to the industrial display, do not deliberately require lower power consumption, only requires a stable; additional cooling system, high brightness backlight design, will greatly improve power consumption.

Above is the difference between the six aspects of LCD TV and LCD tv.
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