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Technical knowledge

On the part of the touch screen, what is a multi touch screen, touch screen


What is touch screen?
With the development of science and technology, touch screen is very common in sunshine life, many electronic equipment upgrade products, are touch screen to enter the content, touch screen is: panel Touch means to control the display of the operating system is a device with a touch of the induction type liquid crystal display device.

Working principle of touch screen:
Touch screen is how to work? When a person's hand touches the LCD display or LED display on the screen of a specific area of the graphics button, the software will be on the screen of the tactile feedback system can be based on a pre programmed program to drive a variety of connected devices, can be used to replace the mechanical button panel, and by the LCD screen to create a dynamic video effect. With various electronic equipment hardware (for example: advertising products) of the replacement, in order to operate on the convenience, people use the touch screen to replace the mouse or keyboard and other input devices (also, in the mobile phone should also be relatively wide). Touch screen work, we must first touch the screen with a finger or other objects, and then the system according to the finger to touch the icon or menu location to locate the choice of information input, along with the progress of technology, people in the original single point touch based on the development of multi touch screen.

What is a multi touch screen?
So-called multi touch screen refers to, human finger contact liquid crystal device can simultaneously by two or more points of contact can also input and control equipment, for example: we in touch screen mobile phone pictures can with your thumb and index finger two fingers on the image contact and pulled outward, can amplify the image. Here, used to just two touch, two points to control the picture zoom in, zoom, and rotate operations, some more high-end equipment, even can design fingers and touch devices.

Part of the touch screen:
Then, to understand what is the work principle of multi touch screen and touch screen, the structure of the touch screen is composed of 2 parts: the touch screen is mainly composed of the touch detection device and the touch screen controller. They are used to detect the precise position and positioning of the touch screen. The touch screen controller is converted into the contact point.

Touch screen technology is widely used:
Touch screen related knowledge. Originated in the 70's in twentieth Century, the first is only used in industrial or commercial equipment, such as industrial computer, POS terminal and so on. 2007 launch of iPhone mobile phone industry has become a milestone in the development of touch. In the future, there will be more and more smart devices will be integrated into the touch screen technology, such as access control system, now common to the ATM machine, a number of electronic self-service shopping system, online advertising, and even the future of LCD TV and other multimedia devices, are likely to be used in the manufacturing process, usually using a touch screen cutting machine equipment, and now, many manufacturers in the research, design, production experience, ten years of research, design and production experience, professional production efficiency for you to provide a higher touch screen cutting machine.
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