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Outdoor LCD advertising machine to improve the area of intelligent leading outdoor media trends


The traditional residential quarter advertising light box as the medium, for a picture on the need to replace a lamp, the cost is high, and very troublesome, waste a lot of manpower, time, the light box is not so obvious. However, the operation of outdoor LCD advertising machine is not so wasteful of traditional light box advertising, is a one-time consumption, outdoor LCD advertising machine low carbon and environmental protection, but the initial investment is a lot of money.

Residential outdoor LCD advertising machine can improve the level of property management owners are satisfied with the development of advertising in the community, but also for the community owners to bring the latest information and economic benefits, to achieve a win-win goal, the real estate of modernization, intelligent added a grand.

Outdoor LCD advertising machine is by reading the contents of the memory card, pictures, playback of the video content. At the same time, also can through the remote monitoring, direct control of the residential outdoor LCD advertising machine playback of content. Not only can solve the lamp board picture replacement difficult problem, AVIC yeatan electronic outdoor advertising machine highlights HD also attracts the comings and goings of the audience to watch brings the ultimate visual enjoyment. This is the outdoor LCD advertising machine application beauty.

Due to the outdoor advertising confidential installed in the District, then they would have to consider living area and its surrounding the installation of outdoor advertising facilities, to avoid noise pollution, light pollution and the shielding of the sunshine to the lives of the residents adverse effects. Noise reduction function standing beside almost hear the noise with AVIC Yang day electronic LOC outdoor advertising machine; also AVIC yeatan electronic LOC outdoor advertising machine intelligent environment management system can automatically adjust brightness, environmental monitoring and warning; have a background service support system, to keep the remote control client.
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