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The difference between outdoor LCD and LED


Speaking of outdoor advertising machine, first of all we think of the first time is LED display. Yes, the outdoor advertising market has been dominated by LED display. LED display is mainly installed in the mall and other traffic concentrated area with high brightness, easy installation, location advantages, and is not subject to size restrictions and other characteristics, these features are not available in other display devices. As the saying goes, people are not perfect, not to mention the display device. Although the LED display has the advantages that other display devices can not do, but its disadvantages are indisputable. For example, because of its high brightness, to the people's city life with a lot of distress, such as LED display for viewing distance has certain requirements, if close viewing will produce a dazzling feeling, but also close to the viewing effect is also difficult to make people satisfied, and so on, which also allows many outdoor users.

Outdoor LCD advertising machine is with respect to the indoor advertising machine, the author thinks that outdoor LCD advertising machine is indoor advertising machine and LED display in the use of field and disadvantages of, outdoor LED display is in outdoor advertising play of a liquid crystal display (LCD), mainly in the form of including road led display, LED electronic display screen, LED full color display, LED screen. The same point is that the two are used for outdoor advertising and communication channels, the difference is the outdoor LCD advertising machine to solve the outdoor LED display near distance viewing of the shortcomings of the following are mainly about the advantages of outdoor LCD advertising.

Features and advantages of outdoor LCD advertising machine:
1 the sun can be visible, in the visual range is always hd.
2 be able to adapt to a variety of external environment, waterproof, dust, anti lightning, and so the whole weather outdoor visual!
3 intelligent temperature control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity, so that equipment in the -40--+60 degree of the environment to ensure the normal operation of the service life.
4 can adjust the brightness according to the environment automatically, reduce light pollution, save electricity.
5 based on 3G, WIFI and other technologies to achieve the broadcast content of the remote publishing and management, can make the program, real-time playback, content rich.

The 21st century's new display world must be a letting a hundred flowers blossom and the era of various displays recount, outdoor LCD advertising machine and outdoor LED LCD support each other, their respective advantages and merits, so when you choose for outdoor advertising machine or outdoor LED, mainly from their own needs of is as long as the distance of the audience, or hope visual distance range to advertising content high-definition highlight. In addition, liquid crystal splicing and many of the features are unmatched by LED display. For example, the appearance of outdoor LCD advertising, fashion, color reduction, environmental protection, energy saving, no harm to the human eye, etc., is very suitable for some high-end office buildings, hotels, large shopping malls, luxury stores, such as the door, which can be used to display information, but also to enhance the user's brand image.
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