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On the prospect of the digital signage advertising machine in service industry


Look at the ubiquitous outdoor advertising machine how to make people look forward to? Especially now, digital signage has slowly slipped into more non-traditional areas, such as education, services, and retail. Most of the success of the outdoor advertising machine is driven by a number of straight shopping malls, the shopping malls are warmly welcome digital signage, and as a way to attract customers.

A few years ago, the airport, the hotel will often see the advertising machine, and now in every corner of the city you can see it. We are not just talking about the static menu display and the movie ad. Every time when we are attracted to the digital signage advertising machine, and can give us some inspiration, that they can be very accurate to complete its role. When you are close to the advertising machine can interact with the brand digital media, for the interface, browse the contents of the content, not only to increase the overall experience, and the wisdom of the screen to enlighten you.

Digital signage will not only attract customers, in the process of installation and use. They can also collect information about interactive digital signage, so as to provide customers with all kinds of information, help businesses better understand customer action, to improve the content to improve the quality of the dialogue. The ability to measure the sale advantage is very strong, especially in the retail industry. Retailers can better understand the customer's spending habits, just to observe, it can be divided into the customer most likely moment of consumption.

When you encounter any problems in the way the first time to find Digital Signage; when one day you suddenly found at the gas station pump, restaurants, banks, vending machines, resorts, companies, schools and public space in wayfinding kiosks and other, see outdoor advertising machine, you can have experienced outdoor advertising machine in many of these places, without even being aware of it. This is an illustration of how digital signage is integrated into the customer experience in a seamless heavenly robe.
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