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The air - Yang Tian LAN convenience kiosk and outdoor LCD screen


Yeatan aircraft LCD outdoor advertising machine six features:
1 outdoor protection:
Waterproof, dust proof, anti - corrosion, anti - theft, anti - mildew, anti - ultraviolet ray, electromagnetic protection, anti - strike
2 Hd highlight:
All weather, the sun can be visible, anti reflective heat insulation special tempered glass
3 video processing:
Mosaic, Pip, segmentation, cinematic audio-visual effects
4 intelligent environment management system:
Automatically adjust the brightness, environmental monitoring and warning, to prevent man-made damage
5 intelligent temperature management system:
Intelligent temperature and humidity
6 player control:
Grouping, time and time, synchronization, cluster, network control, remote publishing, monitoring

Yeatan outdoor advertising machine LCD aviation product characteristics:
1, high definition, all-weather outdoor clear: to adapt to a variety of climate and environment, even in the sun;
2, intelligent environment management system: according to the environment automatically adjust the brightness, monitor the environment and alarm, to prevent man-made damage;
3, intelligent temperature management system: adjust the internal temperature and humidity, ensure the equipment running in the bad environment;
4, outdoor protection using grade IP65, waterproof, dust, moisture, corrosion;
5, the use of aviation safety technology;
6, reliability: the average failure free time is 50000 hours, the height of the 20000 hours to maintain no obvious attenuation;
7, outdoor mosaic big screen, theater level audio-visual effect;
8, based on the network 3G technology can realize the broadcast content of the remote publishing and remote monitoring management, centralized control function;
9, online system state monitoring system;
10, with HDMI, VGA, AV, YPBPr, S-VIDEO TV and other video interface;
11, support for a variety of multimedia file formats: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, AVI, DAT, VOB
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