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Eight ministries issued orders to Digital Signage Industry in the spring


August 27, 2014, eight ministries jointly issued a decree, established the general policy of the wisdom of urban development of the industry, in this context, Digital Signage Industry as the wisdom of urban construction development in an indispensable carrier, we are in fast forward of the train.

The Shanghai digital signage Exhibition (year show called "Shanghai International Digital Signage Expo), exhibiting companies from industry in the upper reaches of the chip manufacturer to be famous in global brand manufacturers, from covering the distribution channels to the high degree of professional system integrators, gathered in different types of exhibitors, showing Digital Signage Industry's latest developments.

CATIC yeatan is the largest outdoor digital signage solutions provider, AVIC yeatan is the Digital Signage Industry promoters, Catic yeatan has been working to promote the development of outdoor digital signage industry, to respond positively to the national construction of the wisdom of the city's slogan, Catic yeatan has been in the Digital Signage Industry of the train, we also hope that more vision, a thought of enterprise with us together to catch in the "air express. CATIC yeatan in this sincerely invite all sectors of the friends visited in 2014 September 25-27 in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition (Exhibition Road No. 1099) held the sixth session of the Shanghai International Digital Signage exhibition hall.
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