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Multi screen marketing, vertical advertising machine precision marketing of the future


Today, more and more screen time background, each person is surrounded by different screens. For advertisers and marketing staff is concerned, in the end how to find their own target audience? Cross screen will be the development trend of future marketing, who has the integration of audience fragmentation data, who has the power to have future marketing. Vertical advertising machine with this ability, you can use a variety of screens to improve the advertising channels.

2015 across the screen, big data, vertical advertising machine has
In 2015, the big data is to achieve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of data, and the main purpose is to achieve data across the screen to achieve the full data, it has become an outdoor media marketing system, vertical advertising machine in two areas are occupied. Big data, vertical advertising machine can cluster service. The most representative is the smart city, Beijing Financial Street has 80 sets of data cases. Vertical advertising machine not only can enjoy up to the fragmentation of the advertising, advertising channels more obvious sense of the scene. Advertising is very important, but the premise is accurate data. Channels and windows are two important factors in advertising. 2014 is known as the first year of mobile marketing, cross screen marketing is the future direction of development, but also many media companies involved in the next stage. Vertical advertising machine is a good medium, fully meet the advertising channels. Vertical advertising machine to join the sensor, it is possible to achieve cross screen display. Vertical advertising machine itself is a window, after adding the sensor, the formation of the integration of the screen.

Internet video advertising, vertical advertising machine in which
Across the screen, there is no reason why reached bursting point, that efficiency is not obvious, reason efficiency is not apparent, because can not achieve real cross screen bottleneck. Advertisers can not understand whether the PC side and the mobile terminal is the same person to achieve precise lock, so as to enhance the efficiency of advertising, which will be formed by the formation of vertical advertising. Marketing value is the largest, is the Internet video advertising, vertical advertising machine has a solid foundation. Vertical advertising machine has channels, there is a window, but also the scene of customized conditions. Although the outdoor advertising industry report released in 2014, the Internet marketing is far more than other forms of advertising, and the rapid decline in traditional TV advertising, many outdoor media are aware of the role of vertical advertising machine. In 2014 alone, Shenzhen fast Leopard operating income amounted to more than 30000000, which is the domestic. 2015 year of the first year of mobile, vertical advertising machine in the cross screen integration, but also a full of golden era.
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