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Outdoor LCD advertising machine future intelligent, will be applied to any scene


Smart this two years, with big data and the three big BAT companies, more and more stick into the artificial brain. Some science and technology big brother prophecy, have passed away in the next 50 years, the robot will destroy the human. Science and technology is developing rapidly, the quality of the hardware and software requirements are becoming higher and higher. Applied to data services, the more intelligent, outdoor advertising machine equipment, with the development of intelligent products, but also more and more common. You go to the big city streets to see the streets, the streets of Beijing, a street placed 70.

Demand changes, the change of the era of outdoor LCD advertising machine
Smart phones, smart appliances have been widely used in the vast majority of households, before the LCD computer is straight, and now the outdoor LCD computer is curved, but curved. That time lost to science and technology, human beings created the world. For outdoor media companies on the outdoor advertising requirements, certainly with digital marketing, can not provide the service of outdoor advertising equipment, it is impossible to bring human life science and technology. Very outdoor media businesses are aware of the scene marketing, eventually replace the channel. So want to change the existing all the advertising nature, from the life stick into the service start. Some stay in LED or light box users, has gradually concerned about the role of interface. The development of external liquid crystal technology is also used to the original hardware, software direction. Intelligent, outdoor advertising machine products at this stage has become the potential needs of users.

The function of outdoor advertising machine is changed, and the application is also changing
The software of the outdoor advertising machine is changed. In the country has a good manufacturer, has been started and software companies to develop. For example, the media in China, as the media in the advertising application scene of public places, workshops, schools, etc., are changing the audience's application and thinking. The evolution of outdoor LCD advertising machine, even the government information newspaper column and convenient map query system, with outdoor advertising machine equipment. The application of the APP are 1000000 downloads a day, and every day, the company has a corresponding update. The function of the outdoor advertising machine is between PC and mobile phone, it is a platform for connecting people and objects, the scene marketing this cake, big companies will certainly notice.

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