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Look at the strong outdoor advertising machine, of course, to the number of outdoor advertising in Financial Street Beijing


When we buy and sell goods, the implicit intuition tells us that the price, quality, appearance. After comparing the one two three businesses, will be based on the practicality to buy goods. But we have a mind to finalize the purchase of what products, often hope to buy the highest price of the product. All the people have this kind of thinking, the outdoor media business order of the outdoor advertising machine is no exception. So, in the pursuit of high quality and ultra - sales service of outdoor advertising machine products. Is our outdoor LCD advertising machine manufacturers to provide customers with quality assurance. Instead of the pursuit of the media, and the achievements of the rapid development of the advertising machine for the rapid development of outdoor lcd. If our customers have to buy the concept of outdoor advertising, often they would like to know, which is the best outdoor advertising machine, which is the most suitable for outdoor advertising and the like.

One, the national outdoor advertising program, Financial Street, Beijing

As a financial center in Beijing, Beijing, Financial Street, is a good example of outdoor projects. A street placed 30 outdoor LCD advertising machine project, already in place 3 years for a long time, 3 years whether play, record of government, government propaganda, 30 outdoor LCD advertising machine day and night, playing without fault, has never appeared black and crash. Beijing Financial Street media a company, in the absence of a project in Financial Street, it is only an outdoor light box advertising. And now he, has been with 4000 employees, the listed company ceos. 3 years of advertising won and tell who are hesitant to outdoor media makers, after this time, you don't ring, advertisement flow of scene's first pot of gold is others.

Two, product quality, the price is put in there

Outdoor Vertical advertising machine and all the electronic products, no best, only better. In the absence of internationalization and authorized manufacturers who buy products, it is best to weigh. Just like the homogenization of the product, said, not the most appropriate, only more expensive. Outdoor LCD market, in fact, the technology is quite mature, for the product, the energy saving, energy saving, environmental protection, test outdoor advertising machine manufacturers ability. Development in China has been nearly ten years of development, LCD products, most of the problems are emerging, the same quality of things, need to know more about the structural details of the outdoor advertising machine.

All the time, customers in the fast and fast with us to order demand, the leopard will be a detailed inquiry, the customer installation location, application field, outdoor environment and display brightness. And customers to talk about outdoor equipment needs, we will have 3 aspects: 1, the price, 2, after sales service, 3, quality, speak clearly. At the same time, according to the outdoor equipment installation environment temperature, considering the use of air cooling or through the wind. The parameters of every outdoor advertising machine are introduced in detail.
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