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Outdoor digital standard - urban development trend


On September 27 in Shanghai International Digital Signage Expo ended smoothly, 2014 is a digital signage industry hard year, but the industry people know, the pain is transient, before the storm of peace.

Yeatan won the gold medal aviation outdoor advertising machine

The wisdom of the city's construction step has been taken, the road has been paved, the train has started.

Eight ministries jointly issued a decree, the wisdom of the city industry development policy establishment!

Notice on the issuance of guidance to promote the healthy development of smart city

Development of high technology [2014]1770 number

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government, all ministries and commissions under the State Council, and all agencies under the state council:

With the consent of the State Council, we hereby print and distribute the guiding opinions on promoting the healthy development of the smart city. All localities and departments to sufficient understanding to promote the significance of the healthy development of the wisdom of the city, strengthen organization and leadership, take effective measures, push forward the work, earnestly implement the tasks mentioned in these guiding opinions, to ensure the health of the wisdom of urban construction in an orderly way.

In the wisdom of the government, the wisdom of the industry, the wisdom of the people's livelihood, the wisdom of the infrastructure, the construction process of the wisdom of the environment, outdoor digital signage is an indispensable important carrier.

Then what is the real outdoor digital signage?

There are three main criteria for the outdoor advertising machine:

One, brightness
Outdoors without any shelter from the sun under, the minimum requirements 1200cd/m2, taking into account the transmissivity of outdoor environmental factors are changeable and LCD screen in front of the glass, currently on the market generally use 1500-2000cd/m2 brightness of the screen, the brightness of the 2000 CD / m2 can meet any outdoor environment, so there is no need to use higher brightness of the screen, the way the screen brightness increased costs to increase, the power to increase, on the other screen brightness is too high will seriously reduce the service life of the liquid crystal screen and accelerated the decay of brightness.

Two, outdoor protection
Mainly to achieve: waterproof, dust, anti-theft, explosion-proof, anti lightning, anti reflection, anti electromagnetic interference, anti biological, anti-corrosion, etc..

Three, heat dissipation
The cooling requirements of the standard is only one: to ensure that the LCD screen using the ambient temperature in the storage temperature range, the cooling way there is no good or bad, many people used in the summer you are like blow air conditioning or like fans blow to more outdoor advertising machine cooling way, in fact, this is very inaccurate, outdoor advertising machine equipment if the air-conditioning cooling, unreasonable internal duct design will also because of the heat dissipation of the device due to the uneven black. So as long as the use of the LCD screen temperature in the use of its storage temperature range is a good way to heat.

How to do outdoor air yeatan advertising machine?
China is the earliest design Chinese yeatan outdoor advertising machine company, involved in outdoor advertising machine industry is derived from the foreign customer request, the foreign customers to find Chinese do outdoor TV manufacturers, although the foreign outdoor TV has been very mature, but no one has the concept of outdoor TV at home, not to mention the product, as I said above, the customer from a different angle, and find to do outdoor protection, outdoor heat and communication Denso one company in China, with Samsung was the latest 46 and 70 inch screen can highlight the original, thanks to the aircraft yeatan is Huawei outdoor communication cabinet TOP supplier, the customer to find us. After the foreign market survey and according to the trend of the market, the aircraft yeatan decided to get involved in this industry for outdoor advertising.

The difference between outdoor advertising machine and indoor advertising machine
Outdoor advertising machine relative to the indoor advertising machine, although only a environment is not the same, but from the technology, they are two completely different products, advertising equipment of indoor machine from the shell, glass, screen inside the wire, play in all things in outdoor basically are not. Two years of continuous research and development, market tested and improved, scrapped many product after, 2010 China Aviation Yang genius officially to the market and sales of outdoor advertising machine by the and, also based on customer requirements on price and power, the same year AVIC yeatan R & D design by air cooling mode (the first is air conditioning) to do outdoor advertising machine, 2011 air cooling mode officially promoted to the market.

How to buy outdoor advertising machine?
1 highlight - Reference blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_81ddacb40102uxag.html
2 what are the relevant tests? - waterproof, heat, high and low temperature, etc.
3 whether a successful case
4 company to do product time
We can be sure that the product is not qualified for the market test, and the company can not say that the product is mature. The price of the entity enterprise is transparent, and the price of a part of the price is never out of date.
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