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Hand in hand with Samsung commercial aviation yeatan strategy


In 2011, CNAC yeatan electronic and global display giant Samsung commercial officially signed a cooperation agreement, is Beijing Olympic Water Cube, the bird's nest surrounding outdoor LCD advertising of various machine delivery project agreement. Samsung commercial will to CATIC yeatan provides large-size LCD bright display, for the production of outdoor LCD advertising machine of an organic whole, integrated unified put the Olympic center area outdoor media operation platform, together to create a second to none in the industry of large-scale outdoor liquid crystal display items, much attention in the industry. The project will be officially put into operation in early 2012, then, Samsung and yeatan together to create a large bright high-definition digital signage product will become Beijing Olympic center area a beautiful scenery line, with its strong product performance and excellent solutions for the world to bring non than ordinary audio-visual experience.

Strong background

As a global brand leader in the field displays, Samsung spare no effort, has been committed to the outdoor bright LCD in R & D, first to walk in the forefront of the industry, through the unremitting efforts, Samsung commercial have developed a series of designed for public media release and other outdoor fields of application of super high brightness LCD HD monitor, compared to the industry a number of similar products, Samsung commercial outdoor LCD can not only deal with the outdoor environment demand for high brightness display, but also provide a set of specialized solutions for outdoor application of adverse environment, highest standards to meet the needs of customers in the industry.

(Samsung vice president of Greater China Li Zaiye standing for China yeatan general manager Mr. Kuai Ming issued authorization)

It is understood, as the Samsung commercial outdoor display the strategic partner of the project, yeatan Electronics Co., Ltd is a subordinate to belong to China aviation industry group, in the aircraft engine technology for high-tech enterprises, has many years of outdoor machine cabinet provider experience, the independent research and development produced outdoor LCD advertising machine of an organic whole is more popular high-end positioning and excellent quality in the market of Europe and the United States for many years. In recent years, yeatan electronic gradually increase the outdoor LCD advertising machine R & D investment, in the outdoor integration technology of lead based, independent research and development of all-weather outdoor HD bright LCD advertising machine, with anti reflective, translucent insulation, high definition, high brightness, in outdoor use can be constrained by the weather, location, widely used in public telephone booths, square community and platform in front of the hall and other fields, was hailed as the "outdoor LCD advertising machine expert".

Strategy to win the future hand in hand

In the digital signage system has gradually become the outdoor display of the mainstream today, Samsung commercial and yeatan electronic strategy together, marking the world's first international leading large screen LCD advertising machine were introduced on a large scale outdoor display fields, which in the industry caused strong repercussions. This strategic cooperation, in the global range directly promote excellent HD display manufacturing and equipment integration business integration, in the rapid development of the digital media industry trend under the background, Samsung commercial and yeatan Electronics will provide users more diversified, personalized content and application service, in the era of digital and intelligent to a high standard of urban communication system to the public, to the public and become a livable city of fresh air is.

  (Samsung VIP SI Authorization letter)

Samsung commercial relevant responsible person said, "Yang Tian electronics and Samsung commercial reach strategic cooperation partnership, we are very honored. Samsung commercial and yeatan electronic and Hua'ao communication in the core area of the Olympic outdoor show procurement and ordering of the project is not simple, but with their respective strengths, to jointly develop with greater market space outdoor field of liquid crystal display, expand the industry by promising outdoor advertising new media industry chain, achieve win-win future strategic significance.

It is reported that in order to ensure cooperation smoothly, Samsung commercial specifically for yeatan electronics provides large size bright LCD display is used for making outdoor liquid crystal integrated machine and the advantages of big screen, full high-definition, high brightness, fusion yeatan first-class electronic cabinet production quality, full position to achieve Olympic sports center management scientific, digital. In addition, Samsung commercial for the practice and operation of the cooperation to provide a full range of exclusive services and for Olympic center area outdoor LCD integrated cabinet show the best results provide strong support.

Samsung commercial and yeatan electronic powerful alliances, LED outdoor display the development of high-definition era, Samsung commercial "for the spirit of the world first" has attracted industry attention. Cooperation between the two sides to develop a new generation of high-definition high-definition digital signage products will certainly attract the attention of the industry boom. People in the industry believe that a strategic partnership with yeatan electronic, Samsung commercial in the outdoor display area will also have greater market action, thus Samsung outdoor liquid crystal display product promotion to more industry application.
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