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Yeatan (InfoComm China) aircraft in the exhibition


中国专业视听业界最专业、最高端、最具影响力的展览会-第九届北京国际视听集成设备与技术展于2013年4月10-12日在北京的国家会议中心举行,展览 总面积接近35,000平方米。展会集中展示全球性的解决方案和世界一流的技术,帮助开拓中国多元而繁荣的市场,并为业内人士和制造商提供专业知识。除了 展出尖端产品和技术之外,每一届InfoComm Chin展会均会提供宝贵的教育和培训、专家讲座、现场演示和振奋人心的交际机会,为视听行业提供了一种全新的营销机会。

Infocomm outdoor exhibition booth yeatan aircraft

Outdoor LCD advertising machine

  AVIC yeatan outdoor LCD advertising machine with its unique high definition, high brightness, out door, video processing and intelligent temperature and environmental management system playback control and other unique advantages to attract many visitors and consulting, function and use of equipment and aircraft yeatan technology personnel into deep conversation.

The aircraft yeatan outdoor LCD equipment

The audience is talking with the China National Aviation technical personnel yeatan

Yeatan aircraft for customers to explain the function of the equipment engineer

2013 Beijing International audiovisual integration equipment and Technology Exhibition (Infocomm China) has the perfect curtain call, the spirit of innovation for the development of philosophy, the aircraft yeatan will pay for outdoor LCD advertising machine function, form, the use of the upgrade, the wisdom of urban construction undertake its social responsibility.
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