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Company news

General manager of China aviation industry to yeatan electronic study guide


July 23, 2014, China aviation industry group general manager Tan Ruisong arrived in Guangdong visit is located in Dongguan Tangxia aviation yeatan Industrial Park, accompanied by and deep navigation technology related leadership. Visit the few leaders is to inspect the aircraft was named as yeatan model enterprise AVIC internal civilian enterprises. Tan master under AVIC yeatan general manager Kuai Ming, accompanied by, visited CATIC yeatan precision sheet metal processing factory, Chinese technology, base 8 production lines as well as the exhibition hall, on aircraft yeatan garden style factory, and advanced production technology said height affirmation, AVIC yeatan production using highly automated, with high price, large quantities and stable quality to create high-end based manufacturing strength and formed the unique style of the core competitiveness of the visiting leaders received unanimous praise. And Tan also said the aircraft yeatan business is industry of social, beneficial to the people, with AVIC aviation serve the country, wealthy and powerful "philosophy is consistent.

When Tan master came to the outdoor LCD advertising machine production workshop to see novel styles of outdoor advertising machine, to personally experience the outdoor LCD product features and learn to outdoor digital signage market development is very exciting, indicating the aircraft yeatan to use good strong AVIC information of this platform, at the same time, AVIC internal units to the technology of conversion priority use and outdoor LCD products, Catic yeatan continue to "the pursuit of quality, to attach great importance to environmental protection, ensure the quality, customer satisfaction," the management idea, strong product development ability and excellent product quality to make more and better products to market services. Tan Zong said, this is a smart city to promote the rapid development of the industry; this is an important carrier of outdoor digital information dissemination; this is a social industry, good, very good". Put forward specific requirements of Tan for the first time on the aircraft yeatan sales years, 2014 annual sales exceeded 10 billion, outdoor LCD business to exceed the 1 million mark.
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