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The aircraft yeatan LCD outdoor digital signage unveiled the fifth CDEE International Exhibition


June 15, 2015 distributed energy industry CDEE international distributed energy and energy storage technology equipment exhibition in Beijing National Convention Center has begun. The exhibition by the aviation civilian aircraft engine company organization CATIC Yang days, AVIC engine, Catic dongke, Nanfang Yuhang, Dongan science and technology enterprises joint participation. The elite gathering of friends. As an integral part of the LCD outdoor digital signage solutions leader, Catic yeatan with the latest professional LCD outdoor digital signage solutions appeared together, to exhibitors who brings a shocking visual experience.

In this exposition we AVIC yeatan not only show a number of professional, practical, efficient, energy-saving outdoor advertising machine, also launched several new LCD digital outdoor signage products and integrated solutions, greatly satisfy the outdoor digital signage solutions in different application environment of the user's needs.

CATIC yeatan is China's leading outdoor LCD digital signage solutions provider, with more than ten years the overall integration technique advantage, our products can achieve 24-hour, all-weather application in outdoor advertisement play, outdoor public information dissemination, outdoor media, touch interactive query field.

CATIC yeatan has been working scheme in R & D and innovation on the whole LCD outdoor digital signage solution, in order to meet the personalized needs of customers, by providing a variety of outdoor integral solutions, enhance customer value, achieve win-win cooperation.
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