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Company culture


Dongguan Yang Tian Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

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Contact:Mr. Deng
Service hotline:400-8300-987
Company address:No.152 Luyuan Rd., Information Industrial Park, Keyuancheng, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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Company culture
Enterprise mission - to always do high-quality outdoor HD LCD screen, promote the development of the industry, to enhance the image of the city and to create a livable city, beautiful city to provide the best solution!

Enterprise vision - continuous research and development, innovation, to provide the community with more cost-effective products, so that products become more beautiful, more practical.

Management policy - responsibility, harmony, innovation, breakthrough

Business philosophy - differentiation, high quality, value-added services, services, win-win

Business Law - leading, focused, adhere to, innovation

Enterprise spirit - innovation, pragmatic, efficient and energy

Development strategy - to lead the industry to promote the development of outdoor media

Service view - customer satisfaction is the measure of service and goal
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