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Community Solution

Smart community outdoor digital signage solutions


Smart city is full use of digital and related computer technology and means, the urban infrastructure and life development related aspects of information processing and utilization, with the urban geography, resources, ecology, environment, population, economic, social and other complex system of digital network management, service and decision-making functions of information system. And the wisdom of the core values of the community carrying smart city!

One, the value of the electronic screen to the community
To improve the vision, active personality
To the system of modeling elements, family oriented facilities, to create a personalized visual identification system

The use of digital outdoor LCD display, video, animation, video and other rich and colorful content, reflect the advanced nature of the community

Community announcements, spiritual civilization, life, life, news, weather information, disease prevention knowledge and other close to life, close to the masses of information timely release, but also more community acceptance.
convenience facilities

Pay utilities, social security card information query is simple and convenient

Two, the value of electronic screen for operators
● stability
Equipment factory after a rigorous testing, in the background can achieve real-time monitoring of the operation of the equipment, the operation of the early warning equipment failure, equipment failure to quickly and accurately determine the cause and solve.
The value of advertising
Content in the form of streaming media, and the use of touch screen pull and the interaction of the people, is the effect of advertising
precision advertising
Through the software background of the environmental monitoring system to provide the data, the effective analysis of customer groups and targeted advertising
Community electronic bus stop installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, remote information effectively reduce labor costs.

However, the community environment has a certain particularity, the electronic screen is installed in the following several problems:
The equipment placement area for residential, commercial pedestrian street or square;
The all-weather outdoor conditions, sunshine to the display area;
No shelter waterproof measures, pedestrians can directly touch;
around 1.5 meters range for the green area or cell walls.

◎using digital outdoor electronic display, playback picture, animation, video and other rich and colorful massive content, reflect the advanced nature of community outreach.
◎a play active and vivid video content to increase the interestingness of the propaganda content, we also add touch functions, with people in the community interact attract people, the formation of effective communication;
◎The intelligent network system, synchronous playback can be realized the contents remain within doors multiple devices.
◎The environmental monitoring system, real-time control equipment operating conditions, equipment fault early warning.

In recent years yeatan intelligence community outdoor digital signage solution scheme has been widely used in the major cities of the country and community, community access port and leisure square arrangement screen advertising to target customers of the terminal intercept and enhance the image and increase sales, the effect is remarkable.

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